I would highly recommend Tiffany as a vocal coach/singing teacher. She really knows her stuff and will help you explore the range and breadth of your voice using a wide variety of techniques. She’s passionate about singing and is dedicated in supporting her students get the most out of their voice and out of the training. She guides you at a pace that suits you and she is responsive to your interests and needs. She has helped me become a more confident singer. I was able to reach my high range within a month. Tiffany also showed me effective ways to transition from my low to high range.
I loved her innovation and sincerity in guiding me through my practice.
Sharon. NSW

I’ve found Tiffany Rae’s singing lessons to be professional, friendly, and tailor made to suit what I wish to improve on with my singing. After just a few weeks I’ve noticed positive results in my vocal consistency and range when singing. Tiffany is a pleasure to work with, makes the lessons comfortable and friendly whilst continually broadening my confidence for better results. I would definitely recommend her lessons to anyone who has a passion for singing or wishes to improve their capabilities.
Great experience!
Cameron Balli NSW

What an amazing Teacher! When I started with Tiffany I had absolutely no confidence with my singing voice. From that day I have come so far. Tiffany has an amazing ability to work out what works best for her students, when trying to nut out how to rectify an issue they are having with their voice. She’s so gifted with her ability to cross into different genres of songs and the techniques needed for them, while also building your confidence in your own abilities. I highly recommend Tiffany for anyone looking for a singing Teacher.
Diedre NSW

 I cannot speak highly enough of Tiffany Rae. I have been having lessons with Tiffany for 2 years, I work professionally overseas in the entertainment industry and tiffany has helped me strengthen my voice and master my mix. Helping me with a range of styles including rock, pop, musical theatre and contemporary. She has also taught me the correct technique to be able to sing 2 shows a night 6 nights a week. The lessons with Tiffany have improved my confidence, and I am now able to hit the high notes. I am extremely thankful to be able to come back from overseas and have lessons with her when she can fit me in. I believe Tiffany has been a fundamental part of my career, and I wouldn’t be able to master the songs I sing if it wasn’t for her.
Forever Thankful…..
Tiffany DeLuca Professional Singer & Dancer

I had lessons with Tiffany for 2 years and I can say that I made more progress in that time than I had during the last 6 years I had been singing. I feel I have so much more control of my voice and now sing with greater freedom and ease. Tiffany knows so much about the voice and with her positive encouragement I have been able to discover my true vocal potential.
Jodie Harrison Tugan QLD

“My lessons with Tiffany have impacted my singing career and life more than i ever thought possible… Alongside the phenomenal technical skills and experience she holds, Tiffany has taken the time to see me, the whole person and challenged me to push through the fear that stops so many of us doing what truly makes us happy. Thank you Tiffany for helping me find my true vocal potential…”
Amanda Stevens Coolangatta Q

I have been studying with Tiffany for over 3 years and it has been incredible learning from someone with such an amazing skill set and experience in the music industry. Tiffany has been so supportive and inspires me to strive for improvement in all my musical endeavours. I am so grateful for her knowledge and guidance along the way.
Steve Jacobs Banora Point NSW

“I commenced singing with Tiffany about 2 years ago. In that time I saw my voice evolve incredibly. Tiffany taught me that I didn’t need to push for the notes. She helped me refine my technique and become a stronger, more relaxed singer. Tiffany is passionate about what she does and is there to help along every step of the way.  I truly can not thank Tiffany enough for the time and effort she put in to my voice.”
Luke Soli South Tweed NSW

After my first session it felt like Tiffany knew the ins and outs of my voice and it’s strengths and weaknesses, and our sessions were always tailored to my individual needs. Tiffany is a coach at the top of her game and having lesson with her has made my voice go from strength to strength. Just a few simple exercises each day has changed my life. Thank you…
Elly Gibson NSW

Having singing lessons is a very personal and often exposing process – there is a lot of emotion tied up with the voice – and its so important to have a safe environment where you feel comfortable to relax and make mistakes and Tiffany creates exactly that environment.
She didn’t impose a method on me, but rather he listened to how I sung and listened to all my concerns and helped me to address them. It’s reassuring to have a singing teacher who is interested in helping you retain your own individual vocal style.
Caroline Roberts Tweed Heads NSW